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Bengbu east China gypsum co., LTD. Is a collection of gypsum products processing technology, professional equipment research and development, the gypsum products sales in the integration of enterprises.Founded in 2007, the existing staff 68 people, including various types of professional and technical personnel 21 people.Company since its establishment, adhere to innovation, pragmatic, high quality, good faith the objective, provides the customers with quality products and services, won the customer widespread praise, products in short supply.

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           Bengbu Huadong Gypsum co., LTD.. Is a collection of gypsum products processing technology, professional equipment research and development, the gypsum products production and sales in the integration of enterprises. Founded in 2007, the existing staff 68 people, including various types of professional and technical personnel 21 people. Company since its establishment, insisting on the tenet of innovation, pragmatic, high quality, good faith, invented a series of new technologies, in make a significant contribution to the environmental protection at the same time, provides the customers with quality products and services, won the customer widespread praise, products in short supply.

           The development of the company adhere to scientific and technological innovation, the crystallization of hard work. Company has won 11 national patents, the most main invention patents: ZL2008 1, 001501. X "the method of the citric acid production building gypsum plaster, 1 0116678.5 ZL2009" energy conservation and environmental protection of chemical gypsum produced by exhaust gas drying device ". These patent technology has been comprehensively applied in the manufacture, production for the company to achieve low consumption, high efficiency, safety, high quality provides the technical support, achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.


          In December 2011, gypsum conference throughout the country, the company was awarded the title of "national gypsum industry outstanding enterprises", Zhang Xuqing personal gain "outstanding contribution award" in the gypsum industry of China,

         On September 6, 2012, gypsum industry in our country by science and technology achievements of authoritative expert professor (2009.07.13 identifying committee decided that the two of our company of scientific and technological achievements: citric acid building gypsum and exhaust gas utilization technology "reached the domestic leading level".

  In January 2013, the company won the 2012 China building materials most growing enterprise independent innovation, in March 2013, and won the 2012 national comprehensive utilization of resources of science and technology work advanced collective,

       In June 2013, and won the national comprehensive utilization of resources industry awards (10) are the only.

            In June 2013, the national environmental protection, director-general of the department of policies and regulations, the inspector of king Richard and rewelding researcher investigations heng-yuan li to come to my company. To me the comprehensive utilization of resources of the company and the energy conservation and emissions reduction work give full affirmation.


          In October 2013, the national science and technology department small and mid-sized enterprise technology innovation fund award.

  On March 7, 2014, my company's "citric acid insulation construction plaster" was included in the "2014 in anhui province key new product".


          In October 2014, the company won the national "high-tech enterprise" title.


          Bengbu Huadong Gypsum co., LTD.always will give top priority to social benefits, adhere to the resource utilization of cofco biochemical industry waste residues, citric acid slag.

Is citric acid producer in China, the discharge of industrial waste residues in the process of production, not only large amount of citric acid slag, and don't like advanced industrial countries outside after on the production line is clean, but the residue of citric acid and its salts, polysaccharide, etc. Because of these impurities make it difficult to deal with, how about the citric acid slag using innocuity and no pollution has been a worldwide problem. Water washing method is the most easy to rinse impurities, but after wash high cost of drying and for water purification is unbearable.

          My company invented to join in the process of direct drying and calcining additive unique method to effectively, in addition to the impurities with lower cost to produce citric acid building gypsum quality comparable to the best natural gypsum in China - hubei YingCheng fiber gypsum was comparable to that of high-grade gypsum, has instead of a large number of high-quality natural gypsum is scarce in our country.

          Because I am the company's inventions and achievements, and promote the national industrial policy, issued in July 2010 the six ministries and commissions of the state of "the outline of the comprehensive utilization of resources and technology of China policy," added "promoting use citric acid slag instead of natural gypsum technology".

Free water content over 30%, citric acid slag our initial production in the traditional production process, coal consumption is too high. Similarly, other industrial by-product gypsum, such as desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum is also facing this problem, reduce the energy consumption is not only an economic problem, more about the country's ecology civilization construction and the major problem of environmental protection. How can effective energy saving? Burning tail gas use is the most effective way, production building gypsum, generally the use of coal as a heat source is calcined, discharge exhaust temperature in 200-200 ℃. Everyone do not take it before reuse, white white discharge, waste of energy, and environmental pollution. In order to protect your saving energy and reducing environmental pollution, my company after years of study - practice - improvement, exhaust gas utilization technology has reached a higher level, the light with the quantity of heat of exhaust gas, not only to take off the 25% free water, all at the same time, gypsum material temperature reaches above 80 ℃, the temperature of calcination, gypsum frying pan into the can steadily control the quality, and less than the coal consumption of natural gypsum, producing one ton of building gypsum just 63 kg of coal and coal by about 50% compared with the traditional equipment section. If use the technology and equipment production and other water content less industrial by-product gypsum, such as free water content is 15% of desulfurization gypsum, coal consumption as long as about 48 kg/t.

          Bengbu Huadong Gypsum co., LTD.the exhaust gas recycling technology and equipment in the present is the most energy saving, investment, the least amount of advanced technology and equipment, its application and popularization of the benefit is obvious. For eight years, the company achieved rapid development. Registration from 2007 2015 1 million yuan development enterprises above designated size, production capacity to 210000 tons of gypsum powder and gypsum block, hollow plate 100 square meters. F recycling use cofco biochemical (anhui) co., LTD. Of citric acid slag, 150 more than ten thousand tons, make cofco biochemical all over the world the only one for citric acid slag without environmental protection of enterprises.

We use the exhaust technology has been in August 31, 2011 authorized by the state intellectual property office of the invention patent, patent no. ZL 2009 1, 0116678.5. Name is: "with exhaust gas drying in the production of chemical gypsum powder, energy conservation and environmental protection device".

On September 6, 2012, with the director and professor (2009.07.13 jian-zeng wang, vice President of China association of resources comprehensive utilization of vice director of the scientific and technological achievements appraisal committee decided that my company's the exhaust gas utilization technology "to reduce and control the industrial by-product gypsum moisture into the kiln, in improving the quality of calcined at the same time, effectively reduce the energy consumption of production and process control difficulty". "the results reached the domestic leading level".

           Scientific and technological achievements appraisal committee also decided that: "the work process is concise and reasonable, has obtained national invention patent, can effectively solve the industrial by-product gypsum to produce the problem of high energy consumption of the building gypsum, which has good economic and social benefits, to the national industrial by-product gypsum resources comprehensive utilization has a promoting effect". Evaluation of "process and reasonable", is practical and reliable cost is not high, not only energy saving is obvious, and the equipment cost minimum, the most durable.


           In recent years, there are more than a dozen domestic enterprise application we exhaust gas utilization technology. For example: zhejiang long chemical building materials co., LTD., fujian zhangzhou xinghua industry are bully building materials co., LTD., nantong xin Simon zaozhuang building material co., LTD., nanjing kingburg group, a new great building materials factory, pingyi building materials co., LTD., linfen mahogany Lin Jiancai company. These enterprises have achieved very good benefits. Every year in our country about the industrial by-product gypsum production building plaster around 20 million tons, if the exhaust gas recycling all these gypsum production enterprises, the energy conservation and emissions reduction and create profit efficiency is huge, to protect the environment, the construction of beautiful China is a great contribution.

           My company is also actively carry out international cooperation, has built in Thailand sunshine international biological engineering co., LTD. 120000 tons of citric acid slag building gypsum production line, can be put into production in July this year.

           In January 2014, A Belgian GALACTICS. A granite and production vice President, general manager of the company to visit my company exchanges, in May 2015, the company is mainly led to the German gypsum industry association, the Bauhaus university (Bauhaus) gypsum material institute and mandy CASEA company study and communication, to discuss cooperation.


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