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Less coal emissions to protect the environment and benefit less

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- introduce the industrial by-product gypsum industry the most energy saving technology and equipment

The 12th congress of the National People's Congress clearly put forward the future will focus on the following four aspects.There are two points: "promote resource saving" and "intensify natural ecosystem and environmental protection" is closely related to our work, efforts to do a good job is our obligatory responsibility.
Over the years, we bengbu east China gypsum co., LTD. Has been in these two aspects.Did some work, also is not very perfect., the information exchange of hope that through this meeting, the guidance of the leaders, experts and colleagues together contribute to the resource saving and environment protection in China.
We bengbu east China gypsum co., LTD is mainly engaged in citric acid gypsum and desulfurization gypsum production technology research and product production, especially of large-scale production of citric acid building gypsum, only our family all over the world.Annual consumption of cofco biochemical citric acid slag, 200000 tons, not only replace the ten tons of scarce high-end high-quality natural gypsum resource in our country, and make cofco biochemical the world only a process of citric acid slag environmental protection of enterprises.All these achievements, thanks to my company independent research and development of the two invention patent technology, a is the citric acid production building gypsum plaster method, the free water content of citric acid gypsum as high as 30%.Our initial production in the traditional production process, coal consumption is too high.Similarly, other industrial by-product gypsum, such as desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum is also facing this problem, reduce the energy consumption is not only an economic problem, more about the country's ecology civilization construction and environmental protection.How can effective energy saving?Burning tail gas use is the most effective way, production building gypsum, generally the use of coal as a heat source is calcined, discharge exhaust temperature in 200-200 ℃.Everyone do not take it before reuse, white white discharge, waste of energy, and environmental pollution.
Using calcined exhaust there are two problems must be solved, it is more than 200 ℃ degree of the effect of exhaust gas temperatures can reach as high as possible;2 it is to eliminate carbon particles in tail gas of gypsum white degree adverse effect.After years of test, improve and perfect, we already have mature calcined exhaust gas recycling technology and form a complete set of advanced production equipment.
In the aspect of improving thermal efficiency, we adopted the pulse airflow drying method, it is the thermal efficiency of rotary drying of more than 20 times.The citric acid gypsum and calcined exhaust into pulse airflow drying at the same time, not only to take off all the free water, gypsum material temperature of 80 ℃ or more at the same time, this kind of gypsum frying pan into the calcining temperature, can steadily control the quality, and less than the coal consumption of natural gypsum, producing one ton of building gypsum coal only 63 kg, compared with the traditional equipment section coal is about 50%.If use the technology and equipment production and other water content less industrial by-product gypsum, such as free water content is 15% of desulfurization gypsum, coal consumption as long as about 48 kg/t.
In solving the possible calcination exhaust harmful to gypsum white degree, we use the introduction of active oxygen in the air drying, it with high temperature steam activated carbon particles and make it into activated carbon, it can remove part of the gypsum powder yellow, there are increasing the effect of the gypsum white degree.
Therefore, in the premise of guarantee the quality of gypsum white degree and stability, we bengbu east China gypsum co., LTD., the exhaust gas recycling technology and equipment in the present is the most energy saving, investment, the least advanced technology and equipment, its application and promotion benefits are obvious.Our company is founded in April 2007 when only the registered capital of 1 million yuan, for six years, we rely on the technology become the gypsum industry the most growing companies in the country.In recent years, there are more than a dozen domestic enterprise application our the technology.Fujian zhangzhou, for example, is the building materials co., LTD., nantong xin Simon building materials on the new broad building materials factory, nanjing kingburg group, zaozhuang, pingyi reputation building materials co., LTD., linfen mahogany Lin Jiancai company, long xinghua chemical building materials co., LTD., Thailand sunshine international biological engineering co., LTD., etc.These enterprises have achieved the good benefits.Every year in our country about the industrial by-product gypsum production building plaster around 20 million tons, if the gypsum production when all the exhaust gas recycling, the energy conservation and emissions reduction and create profit efficiency is huge, to protect the environment, the construction of beautiful China is a great contribution.
We use the exhaust technology has been in August 31, 2011 authorized by the state intellectual property office of the invention patent, patent no. ZL 2009 1, 0116678.5.Name is: "with exhaust gas drying in the production of chemical gypsum powder, energy conservation and environmental protection device".
On September 6, 2012, professor (2009.07.13 as director and vice President of China association of resources comprehensive utilization of Wang Jianzeng as deputy director of the scientific and technological achievements appraisal committee decided that my company's the exhaust gas utilization technology "to reduce and control the industrial by-product gypsum moisture into the kiln, in improving the quality of calcined at the same time, effectively reduce the energy consumption of production and process control". "the results reached the domestic leading level".
Scientific and technological achievements appraisal committee also decided that: "the work process is concise and reasonable, has obtained national invention patent, can effectively solve the industrial by-product gypsum to produce the problem of high energy consumption of the building gypsum, which has good economic and social benefits, to the national industrial by-product gypsum resources comprehensive utilization has a promoting effect".Evaluation of "process and reasonable interpretation to: practical, reliable and cost is not high, our company relying on the practice of the development of the technology to get the experts to sure.
Here is a brief explain the principle of the exhaust gas utilization technology: 1 in the picture below is calcined gypsum powder of rotary frying pan (can also be a fluidized bed or other calcination equipment), calcined collected by exhaust pipe of exhaust 8 (as well as humidity in the frying pan into the strengthening of the air dryer machine 7, and 4, 5, 6, delivery to the gypsum slurry is introduced by induced draft fan 14 after mixing the pulse tube 10 20 meters high.Then enter the gas-solid separator 11, 12, separation of gypsum no free water, the temperature can reach 80 ℃ above, again into the frying pan, it is natural gypsum is energy-saving cold.Now, of course, also have a lot of industrial by-product gypsum manufacturer before calcining drying, the key question is our heat from burning itself, and the thermal efficiency is very high pulse airflow drying, can remove the free water and raise all material temperature, energy saving about 50%
We the exhaust gas utilization technology is my company in the process of its production practice constantly improve mature before apply for patent.My company has been hard to force in technology innovation, didn't open, before is afraid have drawbacks legacy others, after years of practice has proved stable and reliable, today would like to take this opportunity to get the leaders, experts and colleagues of counsel, together for the national industrial by-product gypsum industry contributions to energy conservation and emissions reduction and the creation of high benefit, welcome the leaders and colleagues to guide our company on-the-spot investigation.Thank you very much!



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