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The treasure: waste gypsum turns into a green building materials

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So-called "the treasure of Mount Fuji" heap of phosphorus gypsum was shandong chemical group co., LTD., the burden of the treasure, after 10 years of effort, the treasure people now walk in the forefront of the comprehensive utilization of waste residue phosphate &compound fertilizer industry.

The treasure people think that to solve the way of phosphogypsum, production of building materials product is the most effective way.The company has built 30 million sqaure meters gypsum board project joint venture cooperation, FC calcined phosphogypsum is made 5 ton high strength of building gypsum powder project, annual output of 200000 square meters building block and 100000 square meters large gypsum wallboard projects.
The treasure group chief engineer Li Wanhe tells a reporter, beginning in 1999, shandong the treasure company successively carried on the phosphorus gypsum system combined cement, phosphogypsum sulphate, phosphorus gypsum as cement retarder, phosphogypsum baking-free brick and so on many technical development, in addition to using effect is difficult to achieve a goal, poor economic benefit also denied these approaches."By demonstrating a large number of investigation and the technical development efforts, the company summed up the phosphorus gypsum used to follow the four principles: technology feasible, green environmental protection, use large, considerable benefit. After a full understanding of product performance indexes, finally, the conclusion is: solve the way of phosphogypsum, production of building materials product is the most effective way."
The reporter understands, the company now has an annual output of 300000 tons of potassium sulphate compound fertilizer production plant, by-product phosphogypsum was about 200000 tons a year.They implement the strategy of the multiple leg, processing products include finished building gypsum, cement retarder, gypsum board and plaster wall materials.Li Wanhe told reporters: "so far, the company has built four gypsum series products production line, the total consumption of phosphorus gypsum 1.348 million tons, for the production of gypsum building materials product."
Shen Xiaocai is introduced according to the deputy general manager, the company built in air drying, FC liquid building gypsum calcined production system has passed the expert appraisal, by the science of shandong province are credited with the international advanced technology level."The quality of our gypsum products light, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention performance is good; setting fast, strength rising fast; have good fire protection features, living security; use of non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, is the real green building materials."
Is for the attention of phosphorus gypsum impurities hazards, Li Wanhe told reporters: "this is also the focus of the research team at the beginning. After the epidemic prevention departments detection, the company phosphogypsum radioactive radioactive is lower than the region of the earth, other chemical index and natural gypsum are basically the same, the product fully meet the requirements for the use of building materials. At the same time, the company building gypsum do not add any additives, adopts domestic advanced LiMo casting, hydraulic ejector, manipulator handling automatic equipment production of gypsum block appearance and inner quality all meet the national building materials industry of JC/T689-1998 standard."
With phosphorus gypsum development of new building materials to adjust measures to local conditions, the company is a very good use of the close to Qingdao, weifang, yantai, zibo, such as geographical advantages, new building materials in great demand in these areas, also can accept transportation radius.
After years of exploration and development, at present, the company comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum has become a successful paradigm phosphate &compound fertilizer industry in China, by the national environmental protection industry association recommended for application of energy conservation and environmental protection to promote technology innovation.
The company outstanding achievement in the gypsum building materials industry has been the affirmation of the building materials industry.By the national institute of building materials in 2008, they invited to participate in the national standard GB/T9776-2008 "building gypsum" writing;Lightweight materials in 2009 by the national institute of standard invitation to the national standard GB/T23456-2009 phosphogypsum and building materials industry standard JC/T the phosphogypsum detection method of review committee member units.China building materials association is now ready to invite the company as a gypsum building materials branch of the governing units.
Shen Xiaocai said finally, comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum compound fertilizer production enterprises, can be said to be in a passive condition.Under the condition of the economic efficiency is not high, pure rely on social and ecological benefits is difficult to arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises processing phosphogypsum, therefore, expect to countries in the aspect of phosphogypsum comprehensive treatment, take out some preferential policies of the individual to the enterprise, arouse the enthusiasm of the enterprise.


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